AgileDotNet Treatment Lesson Required

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AgileDotNet Treatment Lesson Required

Post by MafiaOnMove » Sun Oct 13, 2019 9:36 am

Hey Masters of Reversing,...

I need to know about this new protection scheme AgileDotNet ,.. How do we unpack it ? any tutorial available for it?

Recently one of my friend got stuck with NinjaTrader Indicators protected with this protection. There are a few crackers who got hold of it and reversed it but they r SELLING these cracks for money. I don't have any issue with them selling it out, but I kinda dont want to make a purchase. So, I decided to learn it if possible (I dont use That version of ninjaTrader yet v8).

So if u guys help me learn how to beat this protection. I will be thankful.

P.S. -> Its always good to be back home here. :) cheers to everyone.

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