Anyone ever educated TurboActivate ?

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Anyone ever educated TurboActivate ?

Post by MafiaOnMove » Wed Oct 16, 2019 6:23 pm


The board looks pretty dead ,. hardly there is any activity now adays . Just wanted to know if there is anyone who educated TurboActivate.exe ,.. ?

The target i m fiddling with is .NET assembly, i reversed it earlier. but now as they have upgraded protection, i need to deal with TurboActivate licensing scheme.

It contains 2 dll, one for 32 bit and another is for 64 bit.. the functions i need to patch on those dlls r

and some fixes within program assembly.

I load the target in dnSpy,.. patch one register flag to TRUE, and baam it works ,..!! but when i get into function which calls these external dlls, I patch that function to return true always , it doesnt work.

So, i can use that software with dnSpy, but cant use it without it. So i learn i will need to go deeper into those dlls. But when i load those dlls in debugger (x32 x64) i cant find those functions.

So, feeling messed up... as i m out of practice with reversing now adays, need a lot to catch up.

Any senior who already worked with it , if he can help about fixing those native dlls ,..



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